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THE RAW COCONUT WATER COMPANY Cocos Enterprises is sourcing, manufacturing and distributing high quality raw coconut products worldwide. We take pride in the fact that throughout the entire manufacturing process, we are able to preserve the organoleptic properties and keep the nutrient content of our product intact —All of which results in true flavor and optimal nutritional balance right on the shelf.  We are specialized in private labeling (OEM) and bulk supply for further processing. We offer a unique "design your own coconut water brand" concept and supply a retail-ready product with your company logo and packaging design wherever and whenever you need it.   Cocos Enterprises was founded by long time entrepreneurs Roman Devivo and Antje Spors. Roman and Antje were the first to import certified organic fresh young Thai coconuts into the US in 2007. They created the first-ever bottled raw coconut water for mass market distribution and were first to introduce this pristine product to the US and Canadian market in 2007 way before the coconut water market took off. Over the years they have been the exclusive supplier for all major US brands of raw coconut water.   In 2013, Antje and Roman started building a new state-of-the-art factory dedicated to the production of raw coconut products HPP and non HPP.  The new factory has been designed in compliance with HACCP and GMP food safety standards and features a 20,000 tons yearly production capacity. Once more ahead of the game, Antje and Roman have developed an innovative and revolutionary technology that guarantees over 120 days of shelf life without HPP. With this new technology Cocos Enterprises Group can now deliver a spore-free, aseptic raw coconut water.  For OEM customers Cocos Enterprises has extensive HPP capabilities and can ship shelf-ready product worldwide other than the US through its HK company, Cocos Enterprises International, Ltd.. For the US, Cocos Enterprises Group can supply large volumes of bulk of raw coconut waterfor further processing and as an ingredient. Additionally, the company is currently supplying private labelled (OEM) raw coconut water to non-US major retailers and health food chains in various parts of the world. Projects in development for 2014 include coconut fiber recycling: Cocos will soon be utilizing the coconut fibers to generate the power of its entire factory. In addition, Cocos will be launching a fertilizer program to support the sustainable farming practices for all coconut plantations under contract with its subsidiary Cocos Enterprises Sourcing, Co. Ltd.. 
© 2013 Cocos Enterprises Intellectual Property. All rights reserved.
RAW COCONUT WATER As to preserved the aromatic profile and organoleptic properties offered by the original coconut, our coconut water is neither pasteurized, heat treated nor altered in any way. We do not add any sugar, preservatives nor any other additives. Our coconut water is 100% pure just as in the original coconut.  For unparalleled quality, we are using a proprietary, non-intrusive extraction process, which guarantees that the coconut water remains unaffected by the industrial manufacturing process.  Coco Enterprises has gained its success from using only the best variety of coconut, ‘Nam Hom’ is a variety of coconut with a unique fragrance and tender meat found exclusively in Thailand. The palms are carefully grown and nurtured in tropical fertile groves. These are found along many of the inland streams in the Central Plains of Thailand.  Knowing that every coconut is slightly different in taste and appearance, carefully controlled batches ensure that the product is consistent and every batch will taste as perfect as the previous.  To ensure extended shelf life and food safety compliance, we apply either high pressure processing (HPP) and/or freeze right after extraction or use our proprietary technology for an aseptic, spore-free coconut water.  We offer private labeling (OEM) in standard or custom packaging to client's request for delivery worlwide other than the US or alternatively bulk for further processing and not for retail products for delivery to the US and worldwide. .   We currently offer the following product and packaging options:    • Conventional coconut water • Certified organic coconut water under NOP and EU standards --- Distribution channels: • HPP - For refrigerated distribution (Due to US FDA regulations HPPed and non acidified raw coconut water is not available for US clients)  • Frozen - For frozen distribution only. • Aseptic, shelf stable (coming soon) ---  Retail ready (for non-US clients):  1. PET bottle  2. Stand up pouch  3. Bag-in-Box (Retail pack)  4. Complete commercial dispenser solution for juice bars, gyms, studios, restaurants and stores. ---   Bulk for further processing (US and worldwide):  • Bag-in-Box (Bulk pack) • 55 gal. Drums • IBC    See our product sheets for details. 
RAW COCONUT MEAT   Our coconut meat is scooped out of the coconut with care and diligence and immediately vacuum packed after extraction. To ensure optimal shelf life the coconut meat is frozen right after packing.  Our coconut meat just like the water is 100% pure. No additives, no sugar and preservatives added.  As a base raw ingredient this product can be used for various further processing applications such as ice creams, smoothies, raw recipes and vegan diary replacement products such as yoghurt and cheese due to its dairy like properties and flavor profile.  For the retail-ready version we offer private labeling (OEM) in standard or custom packaging as per client's request.  We currently offer the following product options: • Conventional coconut meat • Certified organic coconut meat under NOP and EU standards --- • Grade A - White meat, carefully selected maturity. Ideally for application where aesthetics and consistency count.  • Grade B - Cost efficient. Ideal for ice cream or smoothies manufacturing.   ---   Distribution channels: • HPP - Extended shelf life once thawed and close to aseptic condition for special applications.  • Frozen - For frozen distribution only.  --- Retail ready:  • Stand up pouch (vacuum packed) ---  Further processing:  • Bulk bag (Vacuum packed) - Any size up to 20kg See product sheets for details.                                  
QUESTIONS & ANSWERS 1. What is coconut water? • Coconut water is the liquid that is found in young green coconuts, these vary in their taste profiles depending on the source of the coconut (Americas, South East Asia, etc). It should not be confused with coconut milk, which is creamy and rich in fat making it a good ingredient for cooking. Coconut water has been enjoyed for a great deal of time before technology has allowed the safe transport of the drink to the western markets. There has been a great deal of interest recently in coconut water due to it many health benefits • Coconut water has fast become a substitute for the sugary sodas and artificially based regulars in the drinks market.    2. What is the difference between coconut water and coconut milk? • Coconut water is harvested when the coconut is young and the liquid is full of nutrients intended for the development of the coconut meat on the inner shell of the coconut. The water is collected and supplies the end user with a fat-free drink which is brimming with electrolytes and amino acids. • Coconut milk is harvested from old coconuts when the nutrients of the coconut water has all been absorbed to develop the meat from a soft jelly (in the young green coconuts) to a oil rich, thick flesh that when processed produces a thick, creamy milk which is high in fat and excellent for cooking.   3. Why is it expensive compared to other drinks available? • The young Thai coconuts are the most expensive coconuts in the world for a good reason: They taste the best. • The coconut is collected carefully and processed in a unique way ensuring that the bottled end product is unaltered by the manufacturing process and remains 100% raw, pure and organic.   • We do not concentrate the product, which would reduce the shipping costs but unfortunately has huge implications on the taste profile of the final product. 4. What is HPP? • HPP stands for High Pressure Processing.  • HPP provides the Log 5 reduction required for raw products in compliance with FDA standards making our products safe for human consumption. • HPP does not affect the nutrients and minerals contained in the coconut water however, it does eliminate potentially harmful pathogens and bacteria. • HPP does not affect the taste profile of the coconut water. 5. Are you mixing different varieties of coconuts for your coconut water? No. Some companies mix inferior varieties of coconuts in order to lower production costs while maintaining high profits. Of course, that also produces inferior quality coconut water. For us coconut water is like wine. Each variety of coconut renders a specific flavor of coconut water. Would you mix a expensive Bordeaux with a table wine? Probably not. 6. Why don't you offer coconut water with added flavors? It has unfortunately become common usage in the coconut water world to cover up the flavor degradation generated by pasteurization, intrusive filtration and inadequate extraction processes with added flavor such pineapple, lemon and so on. The resulting product has very little to do with coconut water per se. We take pride in providing you the real deal. In our opinion carefully handled coconut water has all the taste you'll ever need. Adding anything and/or altering anything to that can only make it less than perfect.
STATE-OF-THE-ART MANUFACTURING PLANT Cocos Enterprises (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is the manufacturing arm of the Cocos venture. The company owns and operates a manufacturing plant close to the metropolitan Bangkok area in Thailand.  Cocos Enterprises (Thailand) Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing of raw (non-pasteurized) coconut products. Manufacturing processes including coconut water extraction, bottling, coconut meat extraction, blast freezing, packing and high pressure processing (HPP) for extended shelf life under refrigerated conditions. During the development of the production lines extensive research and care has been given to ensure that, throughout the entire manufacturing process, the industrial high speed handling has the least possible impact on the original taste profile and nutritional content. The manufacturing plant uses cutting-edge technology, some of which is proprietary, entirely oriented towards the preservation of flavor and nutritient content of the original coconut.  The facility has been built in compliance with the strictest HACCP and GMP standards. Production capacity is 20,000 tons yearly with a daily processing capability of 210,000 coconuts. The facility includes an in-house laboratory and our production lines feature a rigorous batch oriented production for top quality control and traceability.  We have production lines that can fill PET bottles, pouches and bulk bag in box, drums on demand. We are setup for OEM orders worldwide and can provide a no-brainer, retail-ready product either deep-frozen or HPPed for the longest possible shelf life for delivery to countries other than the US and bulk volumes for delivery to the US and worldwide .
RAW MATERIAL SOURCING WITH A MISSION Cocos Enterprises Sourcing Co., Ltd. is the raw material sourcing subsidiary of Cocos Enterprises (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The company is dedicated to actively supporting the Thai coconut farming community by promoting sustainable farming, GAP (good agricultural practices), organic standards and Fair Trade with specially dedicated programs. The company already has several thousand Rais of plantation land under contract and keeps expanding the number of its plantation owner members in order to support the Cocos Enterprises (Thailand) Co., Ltd. manufacturing plant and the ever-growing demand of high quality coconut water. Cocos Enterprises Sourcing Co., Ltd. is organically certifying select plantations on an on-going basis. 1. Sustainable and Organic Farming Over centuries, the Thai farming community has developed very sophisticated crop selection methods which resulted in pristine varieties only to be found in Thailand. The Nam Hom coconut (also know as fragrant coconut) that has been exported in diamond shape to international markets is one of the wonderful examples of this cultural heritage. This unique agricultural product has been intensely exported worldwide especially over the past decades. The flip side of intensive farming is the use of chemicals which has now become omnipresent especially for export products. Soil contamination and overuse of chemicals have become serious issues in Thailand in the past decades leading the King of Thailand to launched a nationwide organic program to save the land and the people. It is our mission to support this initiative and contribute to the best we can by offering the plantation owners free educational programs on how to successfully farm a high yield export crop sustainably and chemical free. Our team of in-house agronomists is sharing the key knowledge necessary in the application of natural and sustainable methods for the nurturing of the trees, the control of aggressive pests and the improvement of yield and quality under organic farming conditions. Cocos Enterprises Sourcing has its own composting program to supply the farmers with organic fertilizers at low cost. 2. Quality Control Cocos Enterprises Sourcing Co., Ltd. is in direct contact with all farms under contract avoiding unnecessary middlemen and thus having 100% control over the origin and harvest of the coconuts used for production. This is extremely important for two reasons: • Optimal control over the maturity and the freshness of the coconuts. Coconuts get picked at best maturity stage and are processed in less than 24h after harvest.   • Cocos Enterprises Sourcing, Co., Ltd. can guarantee that coconuts are really harvested from the organically certified farms. Cocos Enterprises Sourcing, Co., Ltd. has a quality control traceability system in place allowing for quick detection of any quality issues with any specific farm. Such system helps our in-house agronomists remedy any problem that may come up immediately and thus maintain the quality of the coconuts and the health of the farms. 3. Fair Trade By maintaining a direct contact with the farmers, Cocos Enterprises Sourcing, Co., Ltd. is able to guarantee that the farmers are being paid fair prices for their coconuts. It is company policy to make sure that farmers and all farm workers are treated with respect and are fairly paid for their efforts. In addition, we honor the extra effort our farmers make to grow coconuts organically by offering an organic premium on top of the market price. We are in the process to getting Fair Trade certified and establishing a Fair for Life fund to allow an improvement of living standards for the farmers, workers and their families.  Besides supporting the production of Cocos Enterprises (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Cocos Enterprises Sourcing Co., Ltd. is also providing organic and non-organic coconuts to other coconut-related manufacturing plants during high season. Please inquire for details.